OSMO Door Oil

OSMO Door Oil

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3060 Door Oil Clear Satin 1 Litre

£32.21 ex VAT

OSMO Door Oil Information

Osmo hardwax oils offer a top quality treatment for wooden flooring, other internal and external woodwork. These are natural wood finishes with all the goodness of nature, made from natural oils and waxes, canauba wax, sunflower oil, candilla wax, thistle oil and more.


Osmo hardwax oils provide natural character, durability and protection for all interior and exterior timber. Wooden floors are often exposed to great stresses and strains, therefore they require extra protection and Osmo hardwax oils offer a very durable finish. This protection should not disturb or change the natural appearance of the wood‘s surface.


The range of Osmo hardwax oils provide this protection from within the wood itself, bringing the natural grain and character of the wood to life whilst offering maximum protection and allowing it to “breathe”. This helps to maintain its elastic surface qualities and allows it to compliment its environment. With Osmo natural wood finishes the wood surface retains its natural character and charm but also becomes abrasion, water and dirt resistant – a long lasting surface protection against those small daily mishaps.


OSMO Door Oil 3060


Recommended use:  Interior use - satin finish for wooden doors and joinery


Product Description:  Door-Oil is an oil and wax combination made with natural plant oils and waxes. Water-repellent and resistant against common household stains such as wine, beer, fizzy drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk, water etc. Non-abrasive and does not crack, flake, peel or blister


Can sizes:  Available in satin-matt in 1L / 1 Litre


Number of coats:  maximum 2 coats on raw wood, 1 coat for renovation applied to a clean and dry surface


Coverage:  500ml covers approx 12m2 per coat


Drying time:  Approx. 8 - 10 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23°C/50%, rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or high humidity can increase the drying time.


Cleaning of Tools:  Clean working utensils with Osmo Brush Cleaner (benzene-free).

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