Spray Buff

Spray Buff

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Spray Buff - 1 Litre

£10.83 ex VAT

Spray Buff - 2.5 Litres

£14.17 ex VAT

Spray Buff - 5 Litres

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Spray Buff - 10 Litre Pack (2 x 5 Litres)

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Spray Buff - 20 Litre Pack (4 x 5 Litres)

£66.50 ex VAT

Spray Buff Information

Description:  SPRAY BUFF is a blend of waxes and polymers for a high gloss durable slip resistant finish.


Properties:  SPRAY BUFF is specially formulated for spray cleaning which contains solvents and emulsifiers for really effective cleaning.


Uses:  SPRAY BUFF is designed for use on sealed Wood, Linoleum, Vinyl, Rubber, Sealed Cork, Terrazzo and Thermoplastic floors.


Preparation / Application:

SPRAY CLEANING:  Shake well before use and dilute 1 part to 8 parts water. Spray lightly ahead of polishing machine fitted with a nylon cleaning pad and polish immediately to a high shine.

Do not over apply, Turn the pad frequently and wash before the pad becomes overladen with dirt/soil.


DAMP MOPING:  Shake well before use and dilute 1 part to 40 parts water and mop the floor as normal. Allow to dry and burnish to a high shine using a nylon polishing pad fitted to the polishing machine.


As and when required SPRAY BUFF can be easily removed using a 1:10 solution of FLOORTECH MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER with a green floor pad or for greater levels of removal use FLOORTECH HIGH ACTIVE POLISH STRIPPER.


Coverage:  Approximately 50 – 60 sqm per Litre.


Shelf Life:  2 years if left unopened. Stored in a cool, dry place & protected from frost.



2.5% Discount on 10 Litre Packs

5% Discount on 20 Litre Packs

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